Knee pain



“I would like to thank you. The benefits I have received from your services have helped me tremendously. The pain in my knees is gone. I was told from another doctor I would have to have surgery to replace both knees. That was out of the question for me! I suffered for years until I came upon your services. I greatly appreciate you and what you have done! I cannot thank you enough! I would recommend your services to all of my friends.”

Antonio M.


When I first came to their office I was having daily knee pain in both knees… After just several weeks of treatments, I now have very little to no knee pain! I have been able to return to a daily exercise program and lots of fun activities with the grandkids. I even traveled all across Europe in the midst of my treatment and experienced very little pain in my knees at all! I am very pleased!”

Debbie S.


I was barely able to walk my dog let alone do my regular job requirements of walking and climbing into equipment! I did not want a third knee surgery and then I saw an ad (with) pictures of testimonies of how well the treatments worked ! I was skeptical and went in for the consultation and six treatments later I am walking my dog and work is easy again ! I highly recommend the Rocky Mountain Spine and Disc ! My knee is back to normal and I still have several treatments left ! Dr. Smith you and your staff have treated me very well and you all are very knowledgeable in your treatments! Thank you for giving me back the ability to enjoy life again !

John M.


About 5 years ago, I tore the meniscus in my knee. The orthopedic surgeon said a complete knee replacement was in order, but if I could wait for the new long-term knee being developed that would be better. Holding out through pain and very restrictive movements for years, I could hardly wait for the 30-year knee to come on the market. Then I met Dr. Irven! After only a few treatments, that knee replacement will be on hold for some time to come. He has also helped me with work-related chronic back, neck, and hand pain. I have not been this pain-free for years-26 years! Thank you! Thank you, Dr. Irven!

Dianne C.


I began treatment at RMSD after seeing an ad in the newspaper on treatment for peripheral neuropathy. For the last year I had suffered from pins and needles, burning, toe spasms, heel pain, and an electric-like shock waves affecting both feet; in addition, I was also having right hip weakness and a stiff neck. After only a couple of months, all of my symptoms had improved 75-90%!Then I began the electrical peripheral neuropathy treatment and my peripheral neuropathy symptoms are now infrequent (only occurring a few times a week compared to several times a day), less severe, and don’t last as long as they did before treatment. The neuropathy treatment alone has decreased my symptoms by another 10%.

Thank you to Dr. Irven and her staff for providing a treatment program that is successful beyond what I had anticipated.

Alan D.


Some time ago I noticed a tingling in my feet which became increasingly uncomfortable. I did not want surgery for several reasons, so when there appeared an ad in the local newspaper for a neuropathy evaluation I decided to seek help if that was possible. To make a long story short, I began therapy about 2 months ago and have been pleased with the help and improvement I have received. The therapy to stimulate the nerves in my feet has relieved the discomfort at least 50% for which I am grateful. The doctor and staff are dedicated, helpful, and efficient, as well as friendly and I would encourage anyone with a similar need to check it out.

Chuck H.


I decided to see Dr. Irven after my husband’s consultation. I liked her approach at finding the problems and how she would treat them. My problems are not as extensive as others, but I wanted to catch them before they got worse. I have a herniated disc in my lower back that I refused to have surgery on, and I would have pain in my neck when I turned my head. Since beginning treatment with Dr. Irven I no longer have any pain in my lower back or neck! I have never been excited about going to the doctor until I met Dr. Irven. Her personality is awesome, and she has helped my husband and I so much. I can’t imagine ever going to another chiropractor. You rock, Dr. Irven!!

Debbie T.


For over four years, I had suffered with totally numb feet, lower back pains and “icy cold” fingers and numbness like I had frost bite. I could not dress myself and used a walker and cane to walk. I was hopelessly home-bound. I had sought multiple other treatments for my ailments and I had about ran out of choices. I continued grow worse every day. Then I turned to the Lord. I prayed hard and with deep faith, for Him to give me a sign that I could find relief. Several days later I found an ad in the paper for RMSD describing all the symptoms of my malady. Dr. Irven said she could help me, and has she ever! Now my neck pain has disappeared, my feet regained warmth and feeling, and I can walk and dress myself without assistance. Thank you, Dr. Irven for giving me the future I only dreamed about at 86 years old! I believe she is an angel.


When I first came to RMSD, I was in really bad shape. I couldn’t walk more than a few yards and couldn’t stand for more than a minute or two. I couldn’t sit straight or find any comfortable sleeping position. I was suffering from severe sciatic pain, alternating from the left side to the right, and my quality of life was very poor.

I was greatly encouraged by Dr. Irven’s logical, data-driven approach, which focused on achievable goals and measurable results. With her recommendations and a thorough treatment plan, we worked together to achieve each of the goals we set, and far more. While the healing was gradual, and every improvement took a combined effort, the results have been beyond expectations.

My quality of life has improved tremendously, and I am no longer in constant pain. I am excited to take on home projects again, and (most of all) look forward to heading out for my first round of golf in over two years. My deepest thanks to Dr. Irven and her incredible staff for restoring my ability to enjoy all that life has to offer!

Jeff T.


When I first came to see Dr. Irven two months ago I was in such pain that I was depressed. I had gotten to the point where I was praying to the Dear Lord to take me with him. On my first treatment, Dr. Irven held my ankles and I screamed because I was so sensitive. From then on I wore thick socks so I couldn’t feel her hands. By the third treatment I didn’t need them anymore.

I can now handle the treatments and am more relaxed. I have improved in other aspects of my health. My blood pressure has lowered 32 points and my numbness and tingling in my legs has improved.

I have improved 75% since my first visit! The doctor has given me a new outlook on life. By the way, I was 84 years old when I started treatment and now I am 84 years young!

Thank you Dr. Irven!

Regina S.